Låt arkiv

Detroit Rock city                       Love Gun

Månens sken                             Rock ´n roll

Still haven’t found                     Pride

Oh la la                                       Let me entertain you

Varning på stan                          Vittring

Leva livet                                    Buddy Holly

Sjömän                                       Flickan

Fågel blå                                     Are you gonna go my way

I’m in the band                          I wanna go home

Du lever bara en gang              Whole lottá Rosie

You really got me                      TNT

Highway to hell                         Ace of spades

Teen spirit                                  Sex on fire

Oh pretty woman                      Sjumilakliv

Kung I baren                              Flickorna på TV 2

Raising my family                     Rebel yell

Staten o kapitalet                      800 grader

Enter sandman                          Keep on rockin

Black night

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